Saudi Arabia seeks to build Hyperloop track

Date: 24th July 2019: Saudi Arabia enters a deal with Virgin’s Hyperloop One company to develop a test track for hi-tech futuristic transport model.

The hyperloop transport concept introduces an automotive under a pressurized pod capable of carrying passengers/cargo at speed 10 times faster than the existing rail.

As per the deal, the company shall develop a 35km to the north of Jeddah, adjacent to a R&D facility, and manufacturing plant.

The doubts, however, persists for the promised reality of hyperloop travel, as per some experts.

Virgin Hyperloop One indicates that the said innovation could shrink the journey to 76 minutes from Riyadh to Jeddah, which is nearly 10 hours as of now.

Hyperloop One looks forward to built a test track in Saudia.

Economic City Authority of Saudi Arabia commends

Secretary-General of the Economic City Authority, Mohanud A Helal mentions that “Our partnership with Virgin Hyperloop One is a matter of pride for us and all of Saudi Arabia.”

He further expressed the hope that the technology would be a “catalyst for a Saudi Silicon Valley effect.”

Earlier in July 2017, the company has shown a pod moving at a pace over 100km/h (62mph) in a 500m (1,600ft) vacuum tube in Nevada.

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