No oil found? No issue!

My dear Compatriots,

I know we all are sad over the flop of drilling at Kekra-1, and such news augments sorrows of a grief-stricken nation, for sure.

Indeed it’s a setback for a struggling economy. But we must not lose hope. It’s just part of the game. It’s nothing new, and Pakistan isn’t the only country to face it. Sharing with you the story of Saudi Arabia, the world leading oil exporter, who suffered more hiccups in its inception.

Followed by CASOC (California Arabian Standard Oil Company) geologists’ survey, three years went absolutely unsuccessful for the drillers, who at a point got frustrated enough to quit. It was the chief geologist, Max Steinike, who persevered and urged the team to continue, eventually ending up with the world largest source of crude oil, known to the world as Dammam no. 7.

Pakistan is a land of God blessed opportunities. Soon we will be hearing some other good news.

We must not lose hope and must not pay heed to rumors and discouraging content which undermine our national courage and honor.

With the strong determination to do best for our motherland, let’s extend our hands to pray sincerely for our country in this blessed month of Ramadan.

Stay blessed,

Admin Desk


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